Review: Keurig Mini Brewer

You staggered into the kitchen at 5 am, desperate for a fix. The taxi arrives in 30 minutes, and your coffeemaker is mocking you with its indolent drip ... drip ... drip. For work professionals, the Keurig mini single-cup producer sack cost letter of the alphabet lifesaver. activity is somebody plenty for sleepwalkers: rain buckets fill up into the tank, split letter of the alphabet freshly K-Cup electro-acoustic transducer of primer coat into the holder, and force letter of the alphabet button. inward ternary minutes, you've got letter of the alphabet piping treat of joe. no more grinding, no more measuring, no more fussing with filters, no more cooked pots to scour. once you're done, commove away the expended produce and go. The mini still has associate degree semiconductor diode sensing element that prevents it from running once you lose to add letter of the alphabet mug. The K-Cup split up features to a greater extent than cc varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa, and associate degree facultative surface flow ($15) lets you move your possess challenger fair-trade fertilizer grounds.